Balcony Bridge: W77
[Constructed 1860]
Calvert Vaux 1824-1895

Architectural Highlights
Length - 65 feet:
Width - 27 feet:
Height - 11 feet 6 inches.
Width - 12 feet:
Length - 65 feet.
Revetment (surface):
Manhattan schist excavated in the Park, and mountain greywacke, a light-bluish sandstone set in random ashlar.
Sandstone with open quatrefoil patterns.
Special Features:
Two balconies on the east side.

Along the busy West Drive near 77th Street, in Central Park stands Balcony Bridge. The span of the Bridge conveys West Drive traffic over the Lake where it flows into a small marshy inlet. In the 1870s, this inlet extended into Ladies Pond, a small portion of the Lake reserved strictly for female ice-skaters.
It was filled in during the 1930s. The Bridge itself gets its name from the two small, bench-lined balconies inset on its east side that extends beyond the wall of the Bridge. Many Park visitors stop at these spots to marvel at the spectacular view they offer of the City skyline.
From this vantage point, beyond the trees that provide a frame for the field of view is the Lake as it stretches southeast to Cherry Hill. The best way to view Balcony Bridge is from the shores of the Ramble or from a rowboat on the Lake.

  Balcony Bridge: W77  Balcony Bridge: W77  

  Balcony Bridge: W77