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Baseball - Softball
There are three major fields devoted to baseball and softball, Heckscher Ballfields, The Great Lawn and The North Meadow.
Heckscher Fields by far the smallest field but by no means the least popular is located in the southern part of the Park between 63rd and 65th Street. Some of the toughest softball players in the borough of Manhattan dominate the fields on the weekends. The Great Lawn located at the center of the Park attracts younger enthusiasts who play a much less vigorous game.
The North Meadow at the northern end of the Park attracts many players from local baseball leagues eager to get a chance to hear the umpire's cry.
With the enormous popularity of the fields only the most aggressive teams and players get a chance to field a ball at any of them since they are always in demand.

  Baseball - Softball in Central Park at the Heckscher Ballfields: CW64  
  Heckscher Ballfields: CW64  

  Heckscher Ballfields: CW64 at the North Meadow: C96-102  
  North Meadow: C96-102  

  North Meadow: C96-102 at the Great Lawn: C80-86  
  Great Lawn: C80-86