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Blockhouse No.1: W109
[Constructed 1812]

Deep within the forested northwest sector called “The Cliff”, stands the oldest building in the Park, Blockhouse No.1 high upon the edge of a hill. Long
before Central Park existed, this rugged stone fortress was built to defend the cliffs in 1812. At one time it had a sunken wooden roof with a revolving turret for a cannon. Isolated and deserted,
it remains today as a roofless and securely locked shell.
Many winding paths lead to the Blockhouse, yet finding the building can still be daunting even for the experienced traveler.
Due to its secluded vicinity, it is best to travel there with a group and never alone. Yet, a visit to this historic Blockhouse is still a gratifying adventure.
The American flag flies at half-staff for the victims of the American Embassy terrorist bombing in Nairobi, Kenya of August 9, 1998.

  Blockhouse No.1: W109  Blockhouse No.1: W109  

  Blockhouse No.1: W109  

  Blockhouse No.1: W109  Blockhouse No.1: W109