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Carriage Rides In Central Park
Year-round Pricing:
$34 for the first 20 minutes and
$54 for a 45 to 50 minute tour.
Central Park Carriages at 212-736-0680

No single other activity can match a carriage ride through Central Park. Reminiscent of a past age when carriages were the choice form of transportation along the busy streets of New York a ride through the Park makes you feel as if you've suddenly been transported back into time.
With the rhythmic beating of the horse’s hoofs on the black pavement a visitor can sit back and be enchanted by what awaits them on their short tour of the most traveled areas of the Park.

Grand Army Plaza - Get A Carriage Here

Strawberry Feilds: Daniel Webster

Strawberry Feilds

Artist's Gate: Simon Bolivar - Get A Carriage Here

Artist's Gate: Jose Marti

Cop Cot View

Cop Cot

Cherry Hill: Cherry Hill Fountain