The Great Hill Jogging Track: W105
The Great Hill Oval is a favorite running track for those who want to pace their daily run to laps instead of a more extensive run.
The Great Hill was originally designed as a high elevation, the third highest in the Park, where visitors could enjoy an unobstructed view of the Hudson River and the Palisades.
It was also a carriage concourse where the affluent could mingle with others of their class.
Time of course changed all of this, even the view.
With tall buildings and increased foliage baring the once magnificent site of the river in the distance the Great Hill needs no excuse for its being. Though unfamiliar to most Park visitors due to its location in an obscure part of the northwestern quadrant of the Park the residents of the area and occasional visitors from beyond its community perimeter find it a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic, have a quiet jog or even sunbathe or read on the untrampled grass of the hilltop meadow.