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The arches and bridges of Central Park are now relics of the past, but that does not mean they are not an extraorinary park of our cultural history. Take some time to study these structures in a visit to the park and use our guide to discover the fascinating history of their birth in the heart of this great park.

Gapstow Bridge: E62

Bow Bridge: C74

Reservoir Bridge: W94th Street                                                                                                      Reservoir Bridge: E85th Street  

Pine Bank Bridge: W62

Trefoil Arch: E7

Willowdell Arch: E67                                                                                                                    Bow Bridge: C74

Gapstow Bridge: E62

Willowdell Arch: E67

110th Street Arch: W110                                                                                                     Greywacke Arch: E80

Terrace Bridge: C72

Bow Bridge: C74

Glen Span Arch: W102

Inscope Arch: E62

Winterdale Arch: W82

Bow Bridge: C74