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The habitats of Central Park provide for the wildlife that has made the park home. The park though contained in a very small expanse inside a concrete city is a lure for many domestic and exotic birds. This environment of life is truly the heart and soul of the park. Though designed with intent its fulfillment of the vision of its creators is in its now established recognition as a truly natural habitat.

Meer (habitat): CE106-110 - Night Heron

Turtle Pond: C80 - Great Egret

Ravine (habitat): C102-105 - Raven

Pond (habitat): E59-62 - Mallard Duck

Pool (habitat): W101 - Great Egret

Lake: CW71-77 - Great Egret

Meer (habitat): CE106-110 - Canadian Geese

Lake: CW71-77 - Swan

Meer (habitat): CE106-110 - Canadian Geese

Pool (habitat): W101 - Great Egret

Ramble (habitat): CW73-79 - Red Winged Blackbird